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deviation in storage by pupasoul


  • Mood: Tired
The good thing about drawing is that you can blithely say that your character has a 20m wingspan and still draw them folded up neatly against their backs in the pose everyone expects, which is something similar to my short-armed redo which had a roughly 5m wingspan:

Blender Avian model with chicken wings

Unfortunately it doesn't work as well in 3d! After getting the opinions of family and friends I settled on the 7m wingspan.  Quadrapop wondered how to keep the feathers off the ground, I incorrectly said I'd investigated and the 5m and 7m wingspans cleared the ground.  the 5m ones did easily due to the shortness of the arms.  the 7m ones use the same length feathers as the 5m ones but the arms are longer, and I initially folded the feathers down wrongly in my initial super quick test.  So when I actually did the proper furling morphs I ran into a slight problem:

Blender Avian model showing long wings sticking through the ground

The upper wing arm is nearly as long as the normal arm and the primaries are about two thirds the height of the model, so folding them the way they're "normally" (or perhaps canonically by every winged character ever seeing as there aren't any flying winged humans yet) folded resulted in them clipping through the ground.  They obviously wouldn't want their feathers dragging along the ground so I stuffed around with various poses for ages before finally getting stuck on hanging the upper arms down like the normal arms and just arcing the wing forearms as high and forward as I could without losing the wing tips in the ground.

Blender Avian model wings furled back shot

Blender Avian model wings furled 3/4 back shot

Blender Avian model side view

Blender Avian model three quarter front view

Blender Avian model wings furled front view

Need to make some bone drivers and maybe I'll do another rig test animation.

  • Mood: Tired
I can't remember how I came about my original calculations but I worked out that a 1.8m tall (because that's how tall my base model is, no other real reason) Avian should have a 10-12m wingspan.  Because I didn't want to make the wing arms too big (because heavy plus looked stupid past a certain point) I managed to end up with 3m long primaries.

Blender Avian model with 10m wingspan

For comparative purposes one with a 7m wingspan (made the wing arms longer but used the feathers I'd done originally, didn't zoom in for size comparison):

Blender Avian model with 7m wingspan

And the original 5m one where I eyeballed the size of everything and thought that looked about right (it does also have much shorter arms):

Blender Avian model with 5m wingspan

Sitting and thinking about this one for a bit, especially as the Dragonkin model is going to be 2m tall with a possible 15m wingspan, and said wingspans were much easier to talk about and fudge when I was drawing them.  Collecting opinions in the meantime!



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