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Lay it on me by Ryivhnn
Lay it on me

Stoker is going to spit chips.

That was the last fully formed logical thought in Helios' mind as he watched in fascination as the clothes quite literally vanished from the slender honey coloured young looking man standing before him.

"How did you...?" he paused uncertainly, wondering if the question was rude.

"The clothes are part of our morph." The honey coloured male called itself Sunkiss and was the ambassador of a pack of shadowshifters (which were apparently different from shapeshifters, but Helios wasn't quite sure what the difference was aside from they didn't naturally have genders) which his brother, the newly appointed King Silverfire, had contracted to help get rid of some rather disturbing threats to the kingdom. During the meeting Sunkiss had noticed Helios admiring it (Helios struggled with the lack of gender assignment, Sunkiss looked male) and had quietly played back, shooting him secretive little flirtatious smiles. After the meeting Sunkiss had rocked up on his door. Stoker had always warned him about thinking with his dick, being a prince he was a bit of a magnet for assassins and kidnappers, and his dad was always on his case (he had an inkling his dad might just be jealous because he was getting more than he was). But these aliens were guests. And they seemed all right.

Now that they were alone, Sunkiss smiled easily, its expression coy and alluring. "So, your Highness. Do you prefer to penetrate, or be penetrated? Or both?" The last fragment spoken with slightly arched eyebrows and a suggestive, slightly cheeky lilt.

He was about to get hot and heavy with a shapeshifting alien. The possibilities, fuelled in no small part by the amount of erotica he read, blasted tantalisingly through his mind. The possibilities made him grin in anticipation, and he shrugged slightly. "I can go both ways. Hell you could send tentacles after me, it's all good." The last part spoken half in jest.

Sunkiss tipped its head coyly. "I can do tentacles." It lowered its eyes demurely. Helios' eyes widened slightly in surprise as Sunkiss' hair seemed to stiffen slightly, coalescing a little more firmly into those cute spikes it sported as a hairstyle. In the large mirror behind Sunkiss, Helios watched as more hair like what was on Sunkiss' head rippled down the length of its spine, stopping at its tail. Some of the hairs clumped together and elongated, and then Sunkiss had four tentacles formed out of hair waving gently around it. Far from looking threatening and dangerous like hentai tentacle monsters, Sunkiss simply looked graceful and delicate like an orchid. A sweet, heady scent that seemed to emanate from it accentuated the impression.

"Whoa," Helios breathed. Sunkiss approached, again with the coy smile. The tentacles felt like braided silk as they gently wrapped around Helios' wrists. Helios felt a surge of adrenaline. He could be in danger right now. He was vaguely aware of Sunkiss' hands undoing his pants, then the other two tentacles slid down, divesting him of them and each coiling loosely around one leg. He had an odd sensation of floating as he was lifted and placed gently on his back on his bed. Sunkiss followed its tentacles, its lithe form slinking on to the bed on top of Helios. Its face, particularly its expressive eyes, reflected his desire.

The brief fear immediately vanished, flooded out by excitement.  "Lay it on me, baby."  He was in for a good time.


It's been a bloody long time since I did Biker Mice fanart and this one is entirely midnight21 's fault.  The pic got stuck in my head after one of our Skype conversations where we occasionally use our characters to talk about the Biker Mice universe and themselves in an out of character way.  It didn't go away after a week so I had to forcefully evict it.  The short happened because apparently I like slapping stories on pieces I have decided are finished (where "finished" could mean finished or no longer a WIP because I don't want to finish it).  The character dialogue in the middle section came from the Skype convo.

Sunkiss is one of my characters and one of the ones I have never drawn before.  Helios belongs to Midnight.

White hair and fur (and also black) is a pain in the system to shade!

This entire picture is "cheated" because I still can't draw.


Krita (link is external) 2.9.0 pre-alpha experimental OSX build
Blender (link is external) 2.73a (used to pose two base models, took a screenshot, pasted into Krita, started painting over)


Wallpaper (link is external) from… (link is external)
Bed from…... (link is external)

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I was working on 3d-bek's feet when 5yo came in and observed what was on my screen.

3d foot wip

He stared for a little bit, then leaned on my desk so he could pick up and scrutinise his own cute little foot carefully before pointing out that toes weren't square, but at least I got one right.  I told him that my base model was very square and I was fixing it up as I made my characters, and that's what I was doing right now.  He wished me luck fixing it up and trotted on his merry way.  Cutely.

And the foot is coming along nicely.  Be onto UV mapping, cloth dynamics and hair in about that order soonish.

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