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Base modedl frowning

At 8yo's request: "Make him frown!" (all the bases are gender neutral)

Base looking slightly puzzled

Seeing something mildly disturbing

Base surprised

Shock horror! I could have opened its mouth more but I was too lazy to go back to object mode to show the rig layer to be able to grab the jaw controller

Base smiling

How I feel right now

There's a few shape keys and going to be a hell of a lot more once I do the phonemes.  Kind of wish I could get the drivers working just so I don't have to go trawling through the shape keys.  After that or when I need a break from shape keying I'll see if I can get controllers for the hands and feet.  Feet shouldn't be too much of a problem, I actually started on a foot rig before I abandoned it in favour of just manipulating the bones themselves like I was doing with the hands.  I may end up doing that anyway but if I have controllers I can then hide the armatures without having to hide everything but the hand and foot bones.

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Still shape keying.  Base is partially amused and in need of a bit more refinement but dammit I need to prove to myself I haven't completely stalled.

Rubberlips can almost smile!

So far I've got all of a left eye wink and a half smile.  Once I got the left half smile right and figure out where the eyelashes go I'll mirror those shape keys and then do some really basic expression parts around happy, sad, angry and surprise which generally use the entire face.  Then make some phonemes with help from this useful phoneme shape guide (link is external) someone had thoughtfully thrown at the internet.

Sculpt mode is awesome for shape keying.

I've spent a couple of weeks on and off trying to get bone driven shape keys to work with no luck.  The driver attaches but I keep either getting values over 1 or under 0 depending on which way I want to move the driver and they only change the number by miniscule amounts.  I tried changing the min and max numbers on the shape keys themselves to see if that would help and got some fun poltergeist activity (the directions flipped so when I tried to move a point up, it went down, and left when I moved it right, and some other stuff I can't recall off the top of my head now) so I set it back to min of 0 and max of 1 and everything went back to normal.  I can deal with sliders in the side panel thingi, not really any different to what I was doing before.

Also had to grab the coordinates from a previous version as my model had accidentally moved at some point while I'd been mucking around and was no longer "symmetrical" and the eyes looked weird (the eyeballs live on their own layer so I really notice when the model has moved) and fix it.

Next thing will be some really basic textures and hair (partly so I can see where the eyelashes are for the eye shape keys and mostly so I can figure out how to do it) and then I'll trot along to the next mode.  Probably the Dragonkin at this stage as I'm more game to tackle the prehensile tail rig than feathers.

Oh yeah and I did say I'd post a video of the rig test when I finished the rig so better not forget to do that too.

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You are very welcome and that's the flashiest thanks I've seen to date XD
kopfwiesieb Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Thank you very much for the :+devwatch:. I really appreciate it.
Ryivhnn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was my pleasure.  Thank you for sharing your photos :)
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Hi Ryivhnn, I will not be round for a while because I have gone and broken my back at the T6 , so it is hellish pain to try and do anything on the puter.
am waiting to hear what neuro and ortho surgeons are gonna do with me, but in the meantime I have to saty off the puter as this aggravates the problem and causes so much pain.
will catch up when i am recovered from this.
later, Lance :)
Ryivhnn Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeesh how in the hell did you manage that? Yeh stay off the computer and tell me when you're right to come back or have managed to set up a rig to be able to use the computer without massive pain! Make a full recovery soon! :)
Lance66 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It is a compression fracture of T6 superior endplate. Painful as all hell.
I have osteoporosis because of long term use of chemo drugs and steroids, unfortunate side effect.
Managed to make a pic today for first time in ages.
feeling a bit happier, the computer is still real hard going for me though, so you may not see me for a while after this, will be recovering.
Ryivhnn Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ow :( I'd offer a hug but I'm scared of breaking you! :) I'm glad you managed a pic, sounds like you're going to need to rethingi your work area so that you can work comfortably.  Lazyboy chair and monitors on adjustable arms! :D And maybe use a tablet for when you're not posting things :)
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